Whoop Dee Doo at Windmuller Park in Pictures


After two weeks of conceiving, building and rehearsing the artist collective Whoop Dee Doo with the help of eight teenagers, and five local arts and culture groups launched the first live variety show Windmuller Park in Woodside Queens had ever seen. And oh man, was it a good one. The show, which brought in approximately 500 visitors, turned on a rather unusual premise. An old slushie machine that made flavorless slushies could vastly improve its taste if fed performers. Interspersing performances by Bula Dance Company, Colombia Dance Company of New York, Woodside Dance Troupe, D.A. Sokol Gymanstics, and the Tibetan Community Center for NY & NJ with games for kids, the show drew out Woodside’s tremendous energy and enthusiasm for the arts. By the end of the night, families took over the stage for dance party and slushie eating extravaganza that will be remembered for years. All images Christin Graham. Drone shots not included.


Image: Christin Graham

Image: Christin Graham

On August 31st the performance art collective Whoop Dee Doo took over Windmuller Park in Queens to launch a live variety show. To do this, they collaborated with a group of New York City teens, and Queens-based arts and culture groups. These photographs document the set up that took place throughout the day, and all the behind the scenes action. All photographs Christin Graham.



For two weeks before performance art collective Whoop Dee Doo launched their live variety show at Windmuller Park, the artists worked closely with local teens to develop a theme, build out the set, and produce games. These images document just some of that process.


A Whoop Dee Doo show with performers at the KnockDown Center, 2017

A Whoop Dee Doo show with performers at the KnockDown Center, 2017



Saturday August 31, 6:30 pm at Windmuller Park


Woodside, NY, August 1, 2024 – On August 31, 2024 at 6:30 pm PARADE, a Queens-based public art program, will present a live variety show directed by the artist collective Whoop Dee Doo, in collaboration with local teen artists and community arts and cultural groups. The event will be free and open to the public. Using Windmuller Park as venue and inspiration, the project celebrates this heavily-used public space and the diverse cultures of its visitors. Whoop Dee Doo founders Jaime Warren and Matt Roche host the show in contrasting roles—Warren as a high energy can of soda and Roche as a tired werewolf—introducing Woodside-based arts and culture groups who perform on a set built out by Whoop Dee Doo artists and local teens two weeks before the event. Queens high school students and Whoop Dee Doo artists work to develop the shows theme and structure, build sets, costumes, and props, and rehearse with the participating performing groups at Sunnyside Reformed Church from August 19th to 30th. The current list of partners include: Tibetan Community Center of NY & NJ, Woodside Dance Troupe, Bula Arts & Culture, Queens Music Academy, D.A. Sokol Gymnastics, Los Herederos, and The Columbian Dance Company of New York. (Groups are subject to change.)  

Big colorful sets, collaboration, and a near endless supply of fun kid spin on historical and folkloric performance define Whoop Dee Doo’s shows. Past performances have included a  Mount Rushmore staring contest, a spider orchestra, and a teenage break dancing grim reaper. Whoop Dee Doo will bring more of this same creative ingenuity to Woodside! 

PARADE Co-Founders, Nancy Kleaver and Paddy Johnson, who live on opposite sides of the sprawling park and playground located at 39th Road between 52nd and 54th Streets in Woodside, were inspired to launch a public art project there after years of enjoying the park and witnessing all the creative ways their neighbors also make use of the space. Says Kleaver, “Because folks use Woodside Park as their local arts center we thought inviting all kinds of local groups to perform in a Whoop Dee Doo production would be a wildly creative and unifying project for the community. We’re looking forward to celebrating the beautiful diversity that exists here in Woodside.”

 This will be the first time Whoop Dee Doo, which has been commissioned to create similar variety shows at such renowned institutions as The Highline, SFMoMA, and Knockdown Center, will bring their project to a public park in Queens. The prospect was attractive to them, bringing exciting opportunities to reach more diverse audiences, but also new creative challenges. Says Jaimie Warren, “Whoop Dee Doo is ecstatic to work with the cultural groups that use the park and cannot wait to see the magic unfold as we collaborate with eight insanely talented local teens!

Says, Johnson, “I fully anticipate a show that puts forth the craziest version of Woodside we’ve ever seen. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but I imagine it will involve a lot of cardboard, paper mache, and laughter.”   

The event is free and open to the public. Audiences are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets to sit on out front the bandshell, along with water and other aides for keeping cool. 

Whoop Dee Doo at Windmuller Park is made possible by Queens Council on the Arts, Citizens Committee for NYC, NYC & Co. Foundation, individual supporters, and business sponsors: Fresh 'N Save, Atelier 4, Aubergine Cafe, Jin Bros. G Mart, and GL Business Global. 

Get Involved!

The organizers are actively seeking volunteers, donations, and local business sponsors. To learn more and get involved, contact Nancy Kleaver at nancy@paradenyc.org  and follow PARADE on social media:

Facebook: Parade NYC

Twitter: @paradenyc1

Instagram: @parade_nyc, @whoopdeedooshow


PARADE collaborates with artists and the people of Queens to launch large-scale public art that sparks civic engagement and bridges gaps in the public discourse. Their first project, The Young and Mighty March, a kid-centered march on the issues they care about, took place on October 21st at Lou Lodati Park, attracting over 200 participants. Through a series of kid and teen-led speeches and performances, poster making parties, and the march itself, the project introduced young people to the arts of protest and empowered them to speak out about their concerns. Learn more at shadowsock安卓下载.  


Whoop Dee Doo is a traveling, artist-led project that creates ambitious installations and live performances internationally, generally through universities, festivals, arts organizations, and museums. Each project and accompanying programming are uniquely crafted to fit the needs of the organizations with which we partner, engaging their immediate communities. We work closely with underserved youth groups to research, conceive and create our projects. Our process emphasizes collaboration, encourages respect for diversity and seeks to initiate a cross-generational and cross-cultural dialogue. Learn more about Whoop Dee Doo at www.whoopdeedoo.org








Hello, Friends.

We are thrilled to announce that PARADE is hard at work to produce another fabulous event in late August, this time in Woodside! During a two-week artmaking intensive at Sunnyside Reformed Church, the artist collective Whoop Dee Doo will collaborate with local teens and cultural groups to create an extraordinary FREE variety show for kids, adults, and even dogs on Saturday, August 31st at Windmuller Park! Today, we launch our Indiegogo campaign to help make this project a reality! 

small support.jpg

Using the Windmuller Park and Bandshell as venue and inspiration, the project celebrates a beloved public space and the diverse cultures of its visitors. Hosted by outlandish pop-culture inspired characters, the theatre performance will showcase Woodside’s best talent! This talent includes McManus Irish Dance, Tibetan Community Center of NY & NJ, Woodside Dance Troupe, Bula Arts & Culture, and Queens Music Academy. Additional acts will be announced throughout the summer.

What makes this project spectacular is YOU. There are lots of ways to get involved:

  1. Donate! Help us pay for artist and teen stipends, set, props, and costume materials, insurance, permits, and other overhead costs by supporting our project. No amount is too small (or too large!)

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  3. Volunteer to be part of the PARADE crew! We need help postering, working backstage, ushering, and more. To sign up email nancy@paradenyc.org.  

We can’t wait to get working on this in the summer! Join us, support us, and help spread the word!

Nancy & Paddy

The Young and Mighty Portraits!

David Flores is a photographer who makes art that captures and responds to social connection. He believes that family, in all of its beautiful forms, stands as a cornerstone of the human experience, creating intersections between past, present and future and simultaneously weaving larger connections in the community.

In 2018, David began work on “Nueva Bronx: 21st Century Families” -- bringing free family portraiture to Railroad Park in the Bronx. The project is a response to recent nationalist movements that have attempted to remove and erase familial representations of immigrants and people of color. Queens residents have similarly suffered greatly as a result such movements, so PARADE invited Flores to offer his portraits to families participating in the march. These are their images.

The Young and Mighty Workshops!

In collaboration with the Children’s Museum of Art, PARADE launched The Young and Mighty Poster Making Workshops the day before the march. This is what they looked like. All images David Flores.

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cheers for the kids.jpg

Who came to the Young and Mighty March and what did our rally line up look like? I’m glad you asked! Let’s take a look at some Young and Mighty star power!

No Third: a teen jazz band led by Ean Valte, Adrian Chable, Hannah Coleman, Ian Ackerman

Emcee: Teen actor Ellis Rubin.

梭影ssr: Youth Poet Laureate William Lohier, Hallie’s Angel’s Asha MacKay, and teen speakers Alicia Cynamon, Yordy, Saiman Anjun and others.

Special appearance: City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, Big Bird and Elmo.

The Young and Mighty March in Pictures

Cold weather is no match for The Young and Mighty! Families came out in droves and celebrated the power kids have to make change in the world! The press is still coming out, but these pictures tell can tell you everything you need to know. The world is already better with these kids in it! All images Timothy Briner.


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Do we even need to ask?

Mariana Sanchez of Dance Matters is choreographing and organizing a flash mob to close-out the rally and we need your help!

Learn the moves

Come together as one

Shake your truth

Let your body be loud


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WHERE: Lou Lodati Park, 43rd Street and Skillman Ave. Sunnyside



“OMG, The world is a hot mess, where do I even begin?!”

“OMG, The world is a hot mess, where do I even begin?!”

Post by Kate Marks

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the problems in the world? Not sure what to march for at the Young and Mighty March? You’re not alone. There’s almost too many problems to choose from, so trying to find just one can feel a little overwhelming. To help with that, I put together a list of questions designed to help you figure out an issue that matters to you. 

How would you make your family, home, or school a better place?

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Maybe you want more affordable housing or easier access to food stamps so your parents won’t be so stressed out. Maybe you want the big kid in the cafeteria to stop pushing. Or maybe you want more music classes in your school.

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justice and dignity for immigrants.jpg

What would make your neighborhood or city a better place?

Maybe you’re worried about homelessness, access to green parks, or racism?!

Look around, what do you see that bothers you? What do you want to fix?


What would make the country or the world a better place?

Think about some of the big issues that are facing the entire planet. Maybe you want to see the first woman president, stop global warming, or achieve world peace.

There are so many issues facing planet Earth, pick one and fight for it.


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★Work with artists from the Children’s Museum of the Arts to learn how to use art, poetry and humor to express the issues that matter to you
★Connect with other kids and share your ideas on how to make the world a better place, while getting pumped for the Young and Mighty March the next day

★Drop in any time Saturdat, October 20th

10:00 am - 1:00 pm at Sunnyside Community Services 

43-31 39th St, Sunnyside, NY 11104

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm at Woodside On the Move’s beacon program at PS. 361Q

39-7 57th St, Woodside, NY 11377

First Come-First Serve

Don’t have time to make a poster?

We’ll have pre-made posters to hand out for anyone who needs one.

What to Bring to the Young and Mighty March!

kids gif.gif

Post by Paco Tolson.

You’re coming? AWESOME! We’ve put together a handy list of things to bring before you head out the door. The countdown below!


Stay hydrated kids! There will be singing and call-and-response chanting, and your throat will need a lot of love that day. Depending on how long you’re out of the house, babies and toddlers will need extra milk, too. Nom nom nom.


This may seem like a given, but you’ll want comfortable, closed-toe shoes for this. If they glow, all the better!


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Don’t get hangry—get your parents to pack something simple like granola bars, fruit, or packaged snacks. And remember to share! If someone near you obviously needs something you can offer them a pick-me-up.


Let’s be real—nobody knows the phone numbers of the people they text all the time. So, it’s important to be prepared in case you get separated from your parents. Write your own name and important numbers so someone can quickly help you reconnect with your people.


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backpack kid.gif


Backpack kid for the win! The city will not require see-through bags for the Young and Mighty March, so just bring something you can put all your extra clothes, food, and gear in.


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If you made a poster or banner in a sign-making workshop, bring that. If you have a T-shirt with a message for adults written on it, wear that. If you made a six-foot puppet of your school principal, bring two friends and operate it together. The bottom line is that we know you have something to say, and however you wanna say it works!

Young & Mighty March To Take Place Oct 21 at Lou Lodati Park



Sunday October 21st, 1:00pm - 3:00pm at Lou Lodati Park


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The mission of the Young & Mighty March is to offer Queens kids of all ages a platform to express their concerns about political events, inspire civic engagement, and draw attention to issues affecting youth. As we approach the midterm elections, we want kids to know that just because they can't vote, doesn't mean they don't have a voice. This is their chance to be heard.

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The day before the march,  teaching artists from the Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMA), in conjunction with CMA’s CIVICKIDS campaign, will partner with PARADE to offer Poster Making Parties (sign making workshops) in Sunnyside and Woodside on:

  • Saturday, October 20th, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm at Sunnyside Community Services

  • Saturday, October 20th, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm at Woodside On the Move’s Woodside Beacon Community Center at PS 361Q

The arts-based workshops will be offered to young participants in Sunnyside Community Services and Woodside On the Move programs, with limited availability to the public. Workshops will be geared towards children ages 7-12 years old, but all are welcome to attend with adult supervision. To learn more, contact Nancy Kleaver at nancy@paradenyc.org.

March organizers encourage the public to host their own poster making parties in preparation for the event and will share lesson activities and resources on social media to suppor them.

The Young & Mighty March is a peaceful, positive, and creative project, focused on highlighting the hopes and dreams of kids in Western Queens. Messages of non-tolerance, bullying, will not be permitted. Electioneering will also not be permitted.

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“With The Young and Mighty March and workshops—which we hope will become an annual event for all young New Yorkers—we have an opportunity to start a conversation with the people whose lives will be most impacted by the decisions adults make today.” added Nancy Kleaver, PARADE co-founder .

“My first year of motherhood coincided with Trump’s first year in office.  So as soon as my daughter was big enough I strapped her into the carrier and joined fellow New Yorkers at various marches. But I found myself craving a space where kids could get the megaphone. With the Young and Mighty March I wanted to show my daughter that kids can be powerful—that even in the shadow of a giant, the smallest voices can be heard,” said march organizer and filmmaker Kate Marks.

Get Involved!

The march organizers are actively seeking volunteers, donations, and local business sponsors. To learn more and get involved, go to o194di.wcbzw.com or follow on social media:

Facebook: The Young and Mighty March for a Voice

Twitter: @youngmightynyc

Instagram: @youngandmightymarch

Media contact: Paddy Johnson paddy@paradenyc.org


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The Young & Mighty March is PARADE’s inaugural project. As the programming arm of the art blog Art F City, PARADE plans to continue hosting inventive and community driven arts engagement around Queens. To learn about upcoming collaborations at o194di.wcbzw.com.


The mission of the Children’s Museum of the Arts is to introduce children and their families to the transformative power of the arts by providing opportunities to make art side-by-side with working artists. Founded in October 1988 by Kathleen Schneider, the museum has been located in the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo since its inception. Since opening the doors to its 10,000sq ft. home on Charlton Street in 2011, CMA has served hundreds of thousands of children and families, 27% free of charge.

CIVICKIDS: Make Art. Make A Difference. is a year-long series of exhibitions, community events, and digital art calls hosted by Children's Museum of the Arts in New York City. Rooted in the belief that art builds empathy, understanding, and respect for others, CIVICKIDS aims to foster civic engagement and shared community pride through art making. Each month, CMA will issue a digital art-making challenge based on themes of civic engagement including environmentalism, identity, equity, leadership, sustainability, kindness, and freedom. Partnering institutions are invited to share photos of their audiences completing the digital challenge with #CMACIVICKIDS. The photos will be added to our online exhibition at cmany.org/civickids. We are excited to partner with institutions all across the world and share art with children and their families globally.

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